3 Social Media Platforms That Welcome You Into the Future

Long gone are the days of Friendster and Myspace. Back then, being in the “digital social scene” was virtually limited to uploading cool profile pictures, chatting with online friends, and playing games.

Now, the digital world has blossomed. Here’s a list of futuristic social media platforms:


A promising medium is email marketing, which has an ROI of more than 100%. And you know what? What will be the future of email marketing is Twitter.

Its straightforward nature is what draws people to go on Twitter. This social media platform provides a venue for people in all walks of life to post simple quotes, air rants, and express concerns. It’s a place for anyone to share their thoughts without going overboard.

You see, Twitter implements a 280-character limit for every Tweet. For some, this a bad thing because they don’t think 280 characters are enough to share bits and pieces of their lives to followers. For the rest, however, the limit is not a problem. The relatively short allowance lets them share what is important and what isn’t.

Either way, this is one feature that makes Twitter unique. And it’s definitely a reason why billions of people flock to the platform!


Then there’s Instagram. What gives this social media platform a futuristic touch is its ability to create a buzz. It appeals to lots of advertisers because of its effectiveness in influencing people.

Influencers, as they are officially called, are all over Instagram. They’re opinionated and everything they say or do is almost the law for their followers.  Once they publish a post, this post has the power to reach and color the minds of others.

Alongside, its awesome community of day-to-day users is also worth celebrating. The majority of Instagram users are vibrant and supportive. They’re always there to give you a helping hand.

More importantly, they’re very active, too. Like Twitter, Instagram is also home to billions of active users. And daily, user-generated content from this plethora of active users.


Lastly, Facebook wraps up this list. An aspect that solidifies this platform’s futuristic approach is its adaptiveness. It welcomes – and even encourages – all sorts of change.

Remember almost 10 years ago when Facebook was just a basic social network? It didn’t have the ability to have a live broadcast, edit uploaded photos, and more. There was nothing fancy about it. Who would think that it would make it until this day?

Now, it’s as if having a Facebook account is synonymous to existing in society. If you don’t have an account, you’ll be the odd one out. Even professionals with a 9-5 job take time to go on Facebook.


So these are the social media platforms that are most likely going to remain a hit in the future. With the increase of people that continue to hang out in these online venues, you should also come and hang out here.

A reason why they remain timeless is their nature to start a trend – and not be afraid to follow one. Because they’re here to stay, you should want to stick around, too.