Recipes to Get you Smashing Lipstick for Instagram

Did you know that using recycling crayons is one of the best ways to make new lipstick? You may already know that even the high-end lipstick brands are made using an assortment of chemicals, but did you know that lipstick made from crayon is non-toxic hence safer? In fact, lipstick made using crayons uses only one ingredient and the best of all; they are handled by a single person- you and I promise you you will stun your quite a lot of your fans on Instagram.

In addition, the idea of making shades that are in line with your taste and preference can be fun. Below is some information on how to make lipstick with crayons that will come in handy the next time you want to make customized shades.

Prepare the Ingredients

What you will need:

  • ½ teaspoon shea butter
  • Cosmetic glitter (optional)
  • One non-toxic crayon
  • ¼ to ½ teaspoon food-grade oil (almond, argan, coconut, jojoba, or olive)
  • 1-2 drops of essential oil or extract (optional)

Choose the lipstick container which may include contact lenses, pillboxes, and empty shadow or blush containers. Be sure to sterilize the container to avoid contamination. Remove the paper from the crayon. For easier removal, place the crayon under warm or running water for a couple of minutes. Break the crayon into equal parts using a sharp knife. This enables you to melt and mix the color faster.

Making the Lipstick Over a Candle


  • Place the candle in a safe position and lit it. Ensure that you’re working close to a source of water such as the sink just in case the candle tips over.
  • Place the crayons in the spoon and hold it close to the candle for about 30 seconds so that the crayons can melt.
  • Add shea butter during stirring. Add food-grade oil and any other ingredient that will add a nicer smell and taste to the lipstick.
  • Mix the ingredients until they melt completely.
  • Pour the ingredients into the container. Blow out the candle

Making the Lipstick over a Stove


  • Fill a pot with up to 2 inches of water. Place a metal bowl on top of the pot and make sure bowl is not touching the water.
  • Allow the water to boil so that you will be using the steam to hit the crayon, the butter, and the oils.
  • Add more colors to the bowl so that you can create a unique shade.
  • Add shea butter and food-grade oil into the bowl and continue stirring until everything is melted. You may choose to add other ingredients at this point to give the lipstick glitter or flavor.
  • Remove the bowl from the pot and pour the resultant lipstick in the sterilized bowl. Allow it to cool before use.

Adding Variations to the Lipstick

  • While you may choose to add some sparkle to the lipstick, keep off craft glitter and go for cosmetic grade glitter instead.
  • You may as well consider using castor oil to add some shine to your lipstick

Make lipstick that is unique to your preferences and taste by adding one or more colors together. You can use as many colors as you please as long as it the resultant crayon fulfills your sense of fashion.