Self-Storage Tips for Proper Packing

So, here’s the thing; there is more to packing than getting a couple of cardboard boxes from your nearest store. You have to do more than putting your items inside a box and taping them shut. Here’s a rundown of handy tips to help you pack your thing correctly.

Go for Quality Packing Materials

Sure, you can use cardboard boxes, but they degrade over time. It is, therefore, essential that you should choose high-quality materials from the get-go. The best option would be moving boxes, moving blankets, packing tape and bubble wraps. These are relatively durable and will last you a couple of few more months in comparison with standard cardboard boxes.

Use a Variety of Boxes

For starters, your items come in different sizes. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to choose a collection of storage boxes. That way, you don’t have to squeeze bigger items into small boxes. Other than that, it makes staking and organizing your boxes a lot easy.

Remember, you have to stack your boxes on top of each other properly especially if you’re using a storage facility. The idea is to ensure that they remain in the same position until when you need to unpack. And, speaking of storage facilities, visit SmartLock Storage to sample the services of a top-notch facility operating in Radford and its environs.

Mix Heavy and Light Items

How you pack your items matters. See, you may need to move your boxes from point A to B. So, be sure to pack light and heavy items together. In essence, this means that your boxes won’t be too heavy to carry. For instance, instead of cramming all of your books in one box, you may consider filling the top with lighter items such as clothes and so on.

Be Mindful of How you Label the Boxes

Of course, you won’t keep your boxes in a storage facility forever. While arranging them inside a unit is easier, removing them is entirely different. So you need to label each box carefully. That way, you will know which box carries what. Moreover, labeling comes in handy when you only need to remove one item for a collection of boxes.

On top of that, labeling makes it super easy to identify boxes. In fact, you can label your boxes with the room or unit it belongs.

Keep Off Plastic Bags

Don’t use plastic bags for packing. Don’t be swayed to think that you’re protecting your items by keeping them inside sealed bags. On the contrary, you could very well be causing them damage. Why? Humidity can find its ways inside the bag and lead to accumulation of mildew.

The Bottom Line

The primary reason you want to pack your belongings is to keep them safe. It can also be a way of creating more space for new possessions. Or, you could be moving houses and want to transport everything conveniently. No matter the reason, make sure that you pay a little bit more attention to how you pack. These tips will help you get started.