Tips for Travelling on An Overnight Bus

Traveling on an overnight bus can be a great option if you wish to avoid the hustle and bustle that comes with traveling during the day. Not only do you get to cover a lot of ground in such a short time, but you also save some money that would have been paid for a hotel room or a flight.

However, many travelers find the experience a bit challenging, which is why we came up with this guide to help make your experience much easier and to help you sleep much easier.

Opt for A Safe Route

If you are traveling by bus over a long distance, then it is just right that you choose a safe route to get you to your destination. This way you will have the peace of mind that will allow you to sleep better. Don’t go for a route that is known for robberies or accidents because you won’t sleep at all.

If you read about any warnings or a recent spate of robberies, then you better opt for day travel.

Go First Class

Before you buy a ticket for the cheapest overnight bus, think again because remember cheap is always expensive. Look at the bus, does it look safe and is it well maintained? Look at the seats and imagine yourself in one of them the whole night long.

If you are unsure of anything or you have a bad feeling about the whole experience, then you might have to add some money to get the higher quality overnight bus.

Choose the Right Seat

To enjoy the drive, it is prudent that you choose the best seat to give you the experience you desire. Some people feel that they sleep much better when they take the window seat as compared to the aisle. Window seats give you various ways to create a makeshift pillow compared to an aisle seat. Others prefer the aisle because it gives more room to stretch out.

You also need to sit where you feel most comfortable. The comfort depends a lot on the person you sit next to. Depending on experience, you need to sit next to a man or a woman. State your preference early enough when you buy the ticket so that you know when the seats are assigned in advance.

The further back you sit, the bumpier the ride is. Sitting too close to the front might place you in a situation where you see things you don’t want to see – the road in front and how scary the driver takes turns. If you love roller coasters, then the seat up front might be the best solution for you.

According to travel experts, the middle of the bus might be the safest place to sit. This is because if an accident occurs, the chances of getting injured are minimal since most accidents are head-on collisions or rear-ending.

Have the Right Sleeping Mask

With noise cancellation earphones in place, you need to have a sleeping mask to complete the ensemble. The right sleeping mask from helps block out the light and mimics night time, which makes it easy for you to sleep.

The mask you choose needs to be soft and made of fabric that won’t irritate you. It should fit perfectly and be comfortable to the skin.

Pack Lightly

You probably have to stow the bag under the bus when travelling. If you are going to a business meeting or heading out to vacation, then pack the way you do when flying. Have a larger bag that holds items that you don’t need, and a smaller one that holds all the items that you need while on the bus. The smaller one won’t take a lot of space, while the larger one will be shoved in the storage compartment under the bus.

Entertain Yourself

The entertainment on the bus is always general, and might not appeal to you at all. What you need in this case is to bring your music and some noise cancellation earphones to block out these sounds and enjoy your music.

In Conclusion

Take time to prepare for your bus travel the right way. Doing this makes the experience safe and more enjoyable.