Beach Wedding FAQ

You cannot come up with a wedding date if you don’t have the right place to host the wedding and the reception. So, the sooner you decide on where to host the wedding, the better. It is usually advisable to identify the right location 12 months in advance. Once you have narrowed down the selection, you need to meet with the manager of the venue to fine tune the details. Here are a few questions to ask before you pay a down payment.

What Services Does the Fee Include?

Some of the beach wedding venues provide catering services as well as all the necessary equipment including the furniture and the entertainment. While others only offer the space, which requires you to take care of all the wedding rentals. The site needs to offer a manager that will be present on the wedding day, and you need to understand whether this will be included in the cost or not.

The trick is to come up with a list of items that you need to be available at the venue and get a venue that offers just what you want. Next, you need to consider what isn’t on the list and if it is possible to get them from a nearby rental so that you have the best wedding at the beach.

Is The Fee Cheaper on Different Days?

You need to understand whether the cost of the venue is different on other days of the week. For some venues, booking on a Friday or Saturday night gives you the chance to save some money. You also need to ask whether the rental fees vary depending on the month, and see when to get a better deal.

If you are running low on cash, then you need to consider a date that isn’t so much in the peak season. However, you need to do this early enough so that you can schedule the date before the invites start going out.

Are There Other Events on The Same Day?

Try to avoid booking a beach venue that is hosting a series of events at the same time, because you want the attention of the staff to be focused entirely on your wedding. Make sure you check on the calendar for the day so that you know whether there are any other competing events at the time and avoid them.

If there are other events, then you can come up with a different time for the same event so that you get the best attention for the event.

Additionally, you might find yourself getting rushed out if at all the venue needs some space for an afternoon party. If the wedding is later in the day, you could show up at a venue that has a tired staff.

How Many Guests Can You Accommodate?

Someone ought to tell you how many guests the venue can host comfortably, and the maximum number of people that can be hosted based on the fire code. Some will be willing to slip in a few more, but you need to know the absolute maximum.

Knowing this helps you avoid a potential standoff when the wedding day arrives because you will be able to tailor the guest list according to the rules of the venue.

Do We Need to Come With Sound Equipment?

Even spaces usually have built-in sound equipment so that all the band has to come with is their instruments then plug in. If you are planning to wed on the beach, make sure you try and know whether you need to carry sound equipment earlier in advance.

Will there be Parking Space?

Most of the guests you get will drive to the wedding, and they expect that there will be a place for them to park their vehicles and that the vehicles will be safe at all times. Your guests might be forced to pay parking fees at the beach, and it would be good to offer to pay for them in advance, though you need to make room in the budget for the same.

The Conclusion

You need to ask some pertinent questions when checking out the wedding venue before you make the final decision to book. These questions determine what you do to make the venue ready.