Less Known Ways to Become Popular on Instagram

We do all types of things to become popular – read articles, follow best practices and the like. We have seen a lot of posts that people put up talking about how to become Instagram famous, but one of the things that they fail to say is that there are a few strategies that many people don’t use at all, but which are very effective.

Today we look at these secrets to gaining popularity on Instagram.

Perform Keyword Research on Relevant Hashtags

Many influencers opt to use the trending hashtags just because they are in use all over. However, your goal needs to be the use of hashtags that deliver the highest traffic to the posts. Remember that hashtags are the equivalent of keywords; therefore it is right that you find out the ones that your users are most likely to click on.

When you perform research on high-traffic keywords in your niche, you reduce the number of keywords that you use on each post, which in turn cuts down on how large your captions become.

Once you have the right number of hashtags, you can go ahead to use anything between 6 and 11 so that you get the maximum level of engagement.

Working with the wrong hashtags means you will never get the level of engagement you are looking for. If many people are already using it, you might have a problem with the Instagram algorithm because the hashtag might even be banned or blacklisted.

Go For Lifestyle Pictures

There is nothing that is more appealing to the audience than when you give them a peek into your lifestyle. Tell the users what you do when you are not planning orders or creating stuff to sell, and then allow them to talk about your lifestyle.

Your followers are keen to understand what you go through, and some are looking for a way to get to where you are, so if you share behind the scene pictures, you motivate them to work harder towards the target.

Be Inspirational

Many people feel great when they get inspired. They look up to the person that inspired them, and if you are the one, you are looked at in awe. However, you need to understand your niche and come up with niche specific inspirational quotes.

When you inspire your users, they will wake up each day looking for that special message from you, and through this you become popular.

Make Sure You Give Away Gifts

This strategy has been used by so many brands to build their following, but they don’t use it the right way. What you need to do is to make sure you choose the gifts carefully. The gifts you need to offer ought to be better than what other people are giving so that you stand out from the crowd.

The gifts need to be meaningful and useful to your followers. If they are just anything that they can get on their own, then you risk losing face in front of your followers. Fred Harrington writes about becoming an influencer, and top on the tips he talks about getting as many followers as possible. Giving away gifts is one of the ways to build a massive following.

Comment on Other Users’ Photos

Many users just like other users’ photos and fail to comment on them. With so many people liking photos, you end up becoming irrelevant in all the hundreds of likes. However, only a few people comment on the photo, which means you stand out from the crowd.

In Closing

When it comes to becoming popular on Instagram, it is imperative that you pick the perfect strategies. There are those that are in popular, and some that are overlooked yet have great potential. What you need in this case is to find the right strategy and then use it to grow your popularity.