How to Launch Your Marketing Campaign the Right Way on Instagram

For many different types of small businesses, Instagram is a great opportunity to get new customers or engage the existing ones much better. While some of your counterparts have adopted serious Instagram marketing strategies, you might still be lagging behind waiting for your posts to go viral. Truth is they won’t unless you do something about it.

Did you know that just by posting content on Instagram you are assured of 15 times more engagement than if you posted the same content on Facebook? This is why you need to start your Instagram campaign the right way.

Today we look at the top tips to launch your Instagram marketing campaign the right way.

Launch Only when the Timing Is Right

As with most of the other marketing campaigns, you need to make sure you launch the campaign when the timing is right; otherwise you stand to fail miserably. The timing ought to be aligned with your company goals and plans.

The timing ought to coincide with many followers being online in your niche. You should also know when your competitor is launching his campaign so that they don’t collide at all.

Set Clear Goals

When running a campaign on Instagram, you need to come up with clear goals that you can measure at the end of it all. Having clear-cut goals makes it easy for you and your marketing team to have something that you can work towards. It also encourages everyone that is going after the goals to do so with the aim of seeing them achieved, even exceeded.

If you don’t associate your Instagram campaign with numbers, you end up finding it hard to prioritize some of the tasks that you undertake.

Understand Your Audience

You need to have an audience before you run a marketing campaign. The campaign aims to get more people to know about what you do or to get them to buy from you.

You need to understand your customers before you launch the campaign. Make sure you speak to a few of the members to understand how they use the platform. Use the information to develop a campaign that meets all your expectations.

Use Different Content Types

Even with a huge audience, you need to know what kind of format is ideal for your Instagram campaign. One way to understand this is to test the different formats and find out the one that works out well.

Unlike other social platforms, Instagram gives you a diverse set of types to try out. These range from Instagram Stories to videos to images. Live videos have been seen to be effective, make sure you try it out.

Have More Followers

If you plan to attract as many followers from a niche as possible, you need to make sure you also have some. The more you have, the more likely you will attract others to your profile. One of the ways to add followers to your account is to use Growth Geeks, a tool that is reviewed on  The Small Business Blog so that you understand what you are getting into. This tool offers organic Instagram growth for your account.

Work With Influencers

Instagram influencers can cost an arm and a leg, but you can identify smaller ones that help you reach niches that are beyond you. This helps you take your message to the desired audience.

Final Words

To make your marketing campaign start on a high, make sure you follow these tested tips. Failure to follow a strategy makes it hard for you to achieve the goals you went out to achieve in the first place.