4 Ways to Improve Your Employees’ Productivity

Can you honestly say you’ve established a company that’s going to remain solid for years?

A major part of your company’s success may be all on you. But recognize the contribution of your employees, too.

If your employees don’t seem to be as productive as before, you might be looking at a problem. So, know that when your employees’ productivity is on the line, you need to step up.

Here are ways to help you out.

1 – Define & Explain Goals

Giving purpose to your employees is one of the most important things that you can do as the “big man”.

To get the ball rolling, answer these questions:


  • What are your employees working for?
  • What is the company’s mission?
  • Will the company be helping/endangering other people in the process?

As you answer these questions, relay your answers to your employees, too. And then, offer clarifications to all of their questions.

Put yourself in your employees’ shoes. Wouldn’t you be determined to work better if you were given a purpose?

2 – Incentives

Offering incentives is a classic way of improving productivity — and it works! It’s a lot like setting a goal for your employees.

In this case, incentives are their goal. Incentives are their motivation.

If they work better, they will receive the incentives. Otherwise, they’re off with nothing.

So, make sure you have good incentives — those that they can’t get any other way. Yearn to give them some things that would drive up their excitement.

Grand financial rewards, paid vacations, days off, and promotions are some examples of incentives.

3 – Constant Monitoring

Monitor your employees because it suggests — especially to them — that you care about their performance. And because you care, they will also care.

And they will think twice about slacking around if they know you’re watching them.

However, ditch the idea of heavy monitoring. Micro-managing your employees can be counterproductive.

Something like an ID system will be okay. This will help you check on your individual employees anytime you want.

Alongside, assign ID cards to your employees, too. If you want, you may buy your employee badges today.

4 – Boost Morale

Lastly, don’t forget that your employees are people, too. They have emotions that could affect their performance — either positively or negatively.

If your employees don’t seem to be at their best, have a conversation and raise the concern. Ask them what’s up and ask them what’s wrong.

If something is wrong on your end, make an action. A straightforward way to deal with this is to address and then rectify the problem.

If the problem is not on your end, make an effort to help resolve the problem. Make the employee feel that he’s cared for under your watch.

And if you are gladly taking care of him, he will gladly be taking care of you, too.


While it can be, improving your employees’ productivity is not challenge. It just takes a bit of effort from good employees and a good leader, too.

And instead of simply wishing for your employees to be productive, deal with productivity-related issues constantly. This way, you will see productivity levels skyrocket in time!