8 Reasons to Start Bowling

Everywhere you look, people are talking about how important it is to exercise. But if you’ve never been big on sports, or exercise in general, it can just seem like a chore or another thing to worry about. Exercise does present a wide range of health benefits which are necessary for proper mental and physical functioning, but it can be difficult to find a way to exercise that fits naturally with the rest of your life. That’s where bowling comes in. Bowling is a great way to get the exercise, stress relief, and downtime you need, without all the complications and scheduling of team sports and without the boredom and self-willing problems of going to the gym. 

8 Reasons to Start Bowling

  • Easy to Learn

Unlike with many team sports and activities, bowling is incredibly simple and easy to learn. You only have to play a single game to understand the basics, and then you can play as much as you want. Bowling is a great game to start, too, because although it is easy to start playing, mastering it takes quite some time and effort. As you get better, you’ll even start noticing the strengths and weaknesses of different bowling balls, and that’s when you’ll want to pay a visit to Feel Like Strike so you can pick out the perfect bowling ball to take your game to the next level.

  • Weight Loss

When you’re out bowling, you are almost always doing something. You walk around, talk to friends, stretch out, swing around a huge heavy ball, and constantly move back and forth to the lane and back. This constant motion is actually an excellent way to burn calories without even noticing it. If it’s possible to lose weight just by going out and having a fun time with friends at the bowling alley, why would you not want to take advantage of that?

  • Muscle Strength

Swinging that heavy bowling ball around can be quite the workout. Bowling a few times a week will leave you feeling stronger and increase your endurance. You might even notice your arms and shoulders getting fuller and more toned over time as you continue to bowl regularly. Also, because bowling requires a good deal of balance and precision, you engage a lot of your supporting muscles when you bowl. These muscles don’t often get a proper workout, but they contribute a great deal to your daily activities. Making them stronger and more toned will help you stay energized through long and arduous days.

  • Protect Against Disease

Most people spend too much time sitting or lying around. Not only is this laziness boring and unattractive, it also leaves a negative impact on your health. Sedentary lifestyles lead to a higher risk of heart disease, obesity, and a whole range of health detriments. Any kind of exercise will lower your risk of these diseases and conditions. Working up a slight sweat for even just a couple hours a week can greatly reduce your risk of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. Plus, it increases your bone density, lowers your blood pressure, improves your circulation, and a ton of other benefits that will leave you healthier and happier. You can enjoy these health and lifestyle benefits through any form of exercise, and that includes bowling. Just hit the bowling alley one or two nights a week and you’ll see improvements in your health and sense of well-being.

  • Socializing

Humans are social creatures. In fact, a healthy social life has been shown to be necessary for both proper brain functioning and a healthy body. In this society, it can often be too easy to lose yourself in work and keeping up with the demands of daily life. Regularly bowling can establish a set time into your schedule where you spend time with friends and family, helping you stay connected to those you care about and keeping you happy and healthy through the stress and duress of the work week.

  • Reduce Stress

Bowling reduces stress through a combination of a lot of the factors listed above. It can be a high energy activity if you want to play fast and hard to let off some steam. It can be relaxed and laidback if you need to relax. The exercise helps your body relax, the social interactions and separation from your responsibilities can help your mind finally get the break it needs. Even a single game of bowling on a lunch break can have you returning to the office smiling and ready for the rest of the workday.

  • Low Impact

A lot of sports and physical activities seem to be made for the young. They often involve a lot of high impact activities like running, hitting, and jumping. If your joints aren’t what they used to be, even the thought of it can induce an ache. Bowling is not one of these sports. Young or old, injured or strong as an ox, bowling is easy on your body and provides little opportunity for injury.

Listen, at some point, you’re going to have to start exercising or you will simply perish. Why not get all the work out you need from a couple games of bowling each week? Bowling is healthy, fun, and easy. Pay a visit to your local bowling alley to start improving your life one fun game at a time.