Physical Activities for a Four-Year Old

At the age of four years, your child is most likely physically-active.  Even if not, you should allow them to have at least 180 minutes of physical activity, regardless of intensity, each day. Well, if you wonder how to achieve that, there are various physical activities that your child can engage in:

Ball Games

The first thing that comes to mind when people think about physical activity is ball games. Four-year-olds should be able to learn basic rules, so it is fine to play either sports or non-sport ball games. Basic basketball rules should be comprehensible for kids, like having to shoot a ball through the basket, opposite teams, and no fouls. Or, you can play dodgeball, which is quite easy to understand. Overall, ball games are a staple in various cultures, even among kids since it aids their psychomotor development and reactive thinking.


At age four, a child should be capable of cycling, with training wheels. Even with a tricycle, you still should watch over your kid since he or she may end up hitting an obstacle or accidentally falling over while changing directions. And if your child wishes to experience riding a real bicycle, you may want to put him or her on a child’s seat. You can check this link if you are looking for high-quality bike seats.

Playground Equipment

Monkeybars, seesaws, slides, swings and so on should be fine for a four-year-old, as long as you supervise him or her. An advantage of playgrounds is that children can learn to explore a small world, and also understand basic laws of motion. For example, a seesaw can teach a child that applying weight to something can cause unbalanced force, at least to some extent. A slide would tell your child not to climb up through slopes, as they might fall over. Overall, playground equipment activities are mild in intensity, so you can keep your kid entertained long enough.


The tag is another classic game that kids can enjoy, although requiring the supervision of adults. Tag helps boost the stamina of kids, as running around is a cardiovascular exercise. Furthermore, children learn to strategize and to be patient, even just by chasing other people.

Treasure Hunts

A fake treasure hunt can be a good way to keep your child busy for a long time. Furthermore, it teaches the value of patience to your kid, and if you add some hints, he or she can learn to think critically. Also, you can have your child play with other children, so they can learn to cooperate as well as compete.

Walking in a Straight Line

An easy method of improving balance and coordination in your child’s movements is to walk in a straight line. Although this is quite simple for adults, a child may struggle at performing this, initially. Once he or she masters the activity, his or her sense of balance should be much better than before.


At the age of four years, a child should be developed enough to perform various physical activities. Thus, it is best that you plan for fun games and tasks to keep your child entertained and to aid his or her development. With these physical activities, your child would not only have fun but also grow strong.