How to Eat Healthy in Singapore

Eating healthy can be such a chore. You load your plate up with lettuce and kale and munch your way through a pile of greens that makes you feel like a cow put out to pasture. You dream of big juicy steaks and towering stacks of onion rings. Even french fries sound like a feast.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Healthy food shouldn’t have to taste bland. In fact, most of the times when it does it’s specifically so that it seems more healthy. Stop holing up in your apartment eating greens and salivating over the restaurants further down the street. Check out these healthy restaurants around Singapore so you can eat delicious food and feel good about your body too!


Yolo is a healthy eating restaurant in Singapore. They serve Halal, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, and Dairy-Free options, alongside traditional meat dishes. What’s unique about Yolo is that you can sing up for their meal plan and eat there multiple times a week. They even have healthy week-long meal plans listed on their website you can use to inform your diet based off of what your goals are. They list the different goals as “Shape-up” for weight loss, “Energise” for high energy, “Build” for muscle growth, and “Glow” for healthy skin.

Kitchen by Food Rebel

The best thing at this restaurant, hands-down, is their buddha bowls. Kitchen by Food Rebel is one of the cheaper options, though they’ll still run you almost $20. Established by a health coach, this restaurant makes every single thing on the menu from scratch and with no preservatives. They have plenty of vegan options here as well!


This buffet-style eatery serves tons of healthy quick grabs, you can just walk up to the table filled with healthy options and build your own bowl. Even though it’s quick, the food here is always super fresh. For their dinner options, the buffet is replaced by a traditional restaurant arrangement. The dinner food is a little less quick, but you can get A La Carte dishes that range from a small bite to eat to a feast for a whole family! Most of their produce comes from their farming collective Little Farms, which grows fresh seasonal produce.

Aloha Poké

Aloha Poké serves delicious Hawaiian poké bowls. Poké bowls are typically packed with rice, fish, and amazing sauces that leave your tongue tingling. You can also fill these bowls with additions like edamame or jalape?o. Aloha Poké keeps all of their food very healthy. Luckily, poké is inherently pretty healthy so this attention to the well-being of their customers takes nothing away from the taste of the food.

Mahota Commune/Kitchen

Mahota is all about sustainable food that promotes health and well-being. I wish that line was my idea but it comes straight from their menu. Their entire mission is a very wholesome one, and it translates into very tasty. All of their food is fresh, and they’re an active promoter, grower, and user of organic ingredients. They run their own farm, hence the “commune” in their name, so you know that they know very well where their ingredients are coming from.

Now Go Out and Try Some!

If this hasn’t given you enough reasons for you to get out of your house and try some healthy food that doesn’t just taste like grass, head over to google and see what other health food restaurants catch your interest. Singapore is full of restaurants that serve organic health conscious food. The least you can do is try some. I promise it’ll be better than a plate of raw kale and lettuce.