Build Your Own Gym at Home

If you like most modern professionals, you understand full well that life can be stressful. Balancing your work life with your social and home can be difficult. Having a family only complicates things. All of these stresses need a positive release and fortunately for you, that release exists, is a long-term solution and has benefits outside of immediately feeling better.

While going on holiday or partying on a weekend may make for great temporary releases, the shine of your time in Bermuda will eventually fade. Waiting until the weekend or your paid vacation days come around isn’t a viable solution. Also, partying can have a negative impact on your health overall if overdone. You simply deserve better.

Taking better care of yourself

Have you ever considered using that hard earned money to build yourself a workout area in your home or garage? If not, you absolutely should. The benefits of a proper diet and exercise on your life, health, and levels of stress can’t be understated. There are also multiple scientific studies that prove a consistent workout regimen is a major key to the success of many CEOs.

If you still need convincing, consider the following: exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins act as natural painkillers and improve the ability to sleep resulting in reduced stress. In a clinical study has proven that chemicals released during excise can boost our cognitive processing capability and the mass of our grey matter.

So, not only does exercise increase your ability to function in whatever role it is that perform, but it aids in decreasing tension, elevates your mood, helps you sleep and has anti-anxiety effects. A proper diet and making time for sufficient exercise could almost entirely replace all methods of stress relief for most people if they were adamant about it.

A proper diet goes a long way

Before we discuss exercise, let’s discuss diet because exercise alone isn’t enough. If you’re expending more energy than your intaking, you’ll lose weight with or without exercise. You’re diet, however, should facilitate health in ways other than losing weight.

If we’re talking stress specifically, a diet high in Omega-3 fatty acids can prevent increases in your body’s stress hormones and have the added benefit of helping to protect against heart disease and depression. Omega-3s are abundant in fish and nuts. Fish is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the type and nuts are an all-purpose snack.

So long as you keep your diet, colorful with fruits and vegetables and eat enough fish, you’ll have your bases covered with stress as far as the plates go. So, back to exercise. The easiest answer would be to find a gym. But, what is the best exercise for you? The answer is: it doesn’t matter, just exercise.

Cardio is your friend, says science

So long as you’re out and about moving, you’re doing good for your body. High-intensity interval training, cardio kickboxing, and cycling classes are popular ways to get your body and heart working hard. If I were to suggest a type of workout, it would definitely be a form of cardio like the types of exercise above.

Harvard has done studies proving that endurance exercises are a key to releasing the chemicals that aid in the above-mentioned benefits. Their conclusion was that a major benefit of cardiovascular exercise and neurochemical release that it causes is a state of relaxation for the mind and body.

Home gym ideas

If you’re one of the people fortunate enough to have a little extra in their budget for fitness you can stock your flat or garage with the equipment you need. If you want to keep it minimalistic, there is always the option of simply using open space or a mat for body weight workouts, but if that’s not your style here are a few ideas.

The go-to for many is a treadmill. While you’ll be missing out on the scenic views you may enjoy while outside, you’ll still be able to run in the winter. If you’re looking to run a specific distance in a specific time, a treadmill is great because it forces you to.

Maybe you’re more the cycling type. Recumbent bikes are at least as popular as treadmills due to cycling classes being in trend. There are heaps of makes and models. There are even options to adapt your actual bicycle to a stand to pedal. That’s more for serious triathlon enthusiasts, but now you know.

Another popular option and favorite of function fitness enthusiast is the rowing machine. If you’ve ever rowed, surely you understand how serious a workout it is, but for those that don’t – you use nearly all your major muscle groups. It’s a full body burn and calorie crusher. If you’re looking for one check out the options at Home Rower.