Three Great In-Home Gym Machines

Gym memberships these days are climbing up there with smashed avocado or the three skim soy lattes you indulge in every weekday on the way to and from the office – they’re not cheap.

When you sign your exercise life away in that all too persuasive “gym chat” with that all too buff personal trainer, you suddenly realize just how much you’re going to need to visit every week just to make that pricey bill worth it. It’s hard to justify when you barely have time to walk the dog after work every day between picking up the children and cooking them dinner. Maybe it’s that time of life to think about investing in a gym that you don’t even need to leave your house to use. Here are three at home gym machines that can be surprisingly affordable.

The first piece of gym equipment that can very easily transcend both in-home and gym convenience is the punching bag.

The punching bag is a staple of the gym, having been around for decades as a go-to piece of exercise equipment, and it’s certainly not restricted to boxers either. Adding a punching bag into your daily workout regime has a wealth of benefits for your physical health, including the likes of cardio and being a high fat burner. There are a variety of different punching bags out there on the market, with the most typical one made of sand. You can also purchase punching bags which you fill with water – the advantage here is that if you don’t have enough space to keep it up all year round, you can just fill it up when you’re using it. The punching bag is a practical, essential piece of gym equipment to add to your in-home gym.

The second piece of gym equipment that you are very likely to find in the average household of active members is the exercise bike.

One particular type of exercise bike that is particularly popular among people looking for an at home alternative is the recumbent bike. A recumbent bike is an exercise bike in which the seating area is deliberately reclined, allowing the pressure to come off your feet, legs, and hips and instead evenly distributed around your body, which also provides a more efficient workout. These are popular among at home gyms because they allow for a more relaxed exercise that doesn’t require any time restraints; plus, you can often be doing something else like reading or working on your laptop while you use it. Check out Pro Recumbent Bike for the top range and informative, trusted reviews of the most popular recumbent bikes out there on the market.

The third and final piece of gym equipment that will come in handy when trying to fit in a little bit of in home exercise takes us back down the price tag notch a little bit and into a range that very much trumps that weekly gym membership, and that is the chin up bar.

The chin up bar is a straightforward piece of gym equipment, yet equally as useful in an everyday workout routine. The best part about it is you don’t need any bulky frames or scaffolding set up to recreate its relative at the gym – all you need is a door frame. Chin up bars are designed to fit perfectly around the top edge of most door frames – if your door frame has an indent that juts out, then you will be able to fit a chin up bar on it. It’s the perfect cost effective way to build up that muscle and get a good workout without needing to wrap yourself around all that complicated, bulky weight equipment. Because it’s light and compact, it’s very easily stored away when you’re not using it, so unlike the treadmill or recumbent bike, you don’t need to find any extra space for it.

With a substantial, extensive range of affordable at home gym equipment out there on the market these days, that tired old gym membership that you’re wishing would just go away can very quickly become a thing of the past. With a busy work and home life that most of us can relate to, it’s so much easier to invest in a couple of invaluable assets that will ensure we have no excuse when the kids are finally in bed, with the dishes done. Your body and mind will thank you for it.