Shakeology Flavor Reviews: Finding the One Flavor to Rule Them All

When fitness fanatics and beginner workout junkies want a way to amp up their routine, they’ll almost always turn to a great protein shake to compliment their gym-rat efforts.

No pain, no gain. But, no shake, no…well, no visible results. Hey, it may not rhyme, but it’s definitely true.

To help enhance your pumping and lifting efforts, we’re doing a round-up on Shakeology flavors — we’ll break up what to expect, what each tastes like and which flavor is the most loved.

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is much loved amongst runners, lifters and body builders because it’s not only a protein shake rink, it also includes 70 healthy super food ingredients making it powerful and nutritious.

When taken regularly, post workout or as a breakfast or meal supplement pre-workout, the Shakeology drink is part of a wider routine that can help you maintain weight lost efforts and keep your energy levels high without having to rely on “empty” calories from caffeine and sugar.

When Shakeology first launched in 2009, the BeachBody team came out with two flavors: chocolate and “greenberry”, which was a “green” based protein powder. With the success of these two, the team behind the BeachBody system then launched new flavors: Vegan Tropical Strawberry, Vegan Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Cafe Latte.

Which Shakeology Flavor is the Best?

As part of their system, catering to different tastes and making sure that their fitness junkies were as motivated to continue, Shakeology introduced multiple flavors as well as quick sample pouches. These contained one serving of a Shakeology flavor so that consumers can decide for themselves without investing in a whole pouch.

Newbies that have never tried a shake before would do well to start out with classic flavors: chocolate and vanilla. Once you’ve developed a routine and trust in the flavor, it’s time to branch out and get more adventurous with other flavors.

You can even choose to buy a combination of flavors. For example, keep vanilla or chocolate as your “main” flavor and keep some Cafe Latte on hand to make a batch of smoothies that taste like a “frappucino” for friends or special occasions.

What to Expect: Reviews of Taste & Texture

Want to know what to expect? Well, since everyone has their own preferences, it’s best you try a pouch of each flavor before you truly commit. These Shakeology flavor reviews will help guide you through.

1. Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Chocolate is made from natural cacao so it has a richer, darker aftertaste than the original chocolate flavor. Despite this, it’s super light and the blend is much smoother, even if you’re skipping the milk and relying on ice and water.

2. Chocolate

Chocolate as a reward for working out? Yes! When it comes in smoothie form, you can have your cake, so to speak, and eat it too. Chocolate is the most popular flavor and has a very strong taste, unlike the “vegan” form, which is very light. It blends much thicker than its vegan counterpart as well and there is not much about it that tastes “healthy”, if you know what we mean.

3. Strawberry

Strawberry is a smooth and thick blend, rather like chocolate, and ironically tastes nothing like Tropical Strawberry. Tif you’ve ever had a strawberry milkshake, this Shakeology flavor will help you relive your youthful days.

4. Cafe Latte

The newest flavour since 2016, Cafe Latte is meant to resemble a worthy cappuccino or an iced “frap” — in smoothie form! It has a light coffee taste, includes the original 70 superfoods ingredients and has 75% less caffeine than an 8 oz. cup of coffee. Blend it with almond milk for a nutty taste that’s not overly saccharine.

5. Vanilla

The vanilla flavor is much less pronounced and sweeter than many other shakes and those who love the vanilla Shakeology mix love it for exactly this reason. You can blend it smoothy with other fruits and it will retain a light undertone of vanilla that isn’t overwhelming.

Because of its light taste, however, lovers of this flavor prefer to blend it with almond or natural milk for that “shake” like taste.

6. Greenberry

Greenberry sounds misleading because you might think you’re about to drink a berry that the Incredible Hulk uses to pump up every morning.

Not entirely so: the taste of Greenberry is closer to a sweetened green tea. The sweetness is just right and not overly done so many people love this flavour for both its taste and its sparkling emerald color. Something about downing a green drink right after a good workout truly enervates the mind and immune system.

Overall, you’ll be reminded of wheatgrass and other earthy, natural herbs that go very well with fruits.

7. Vegan Tropical Strawberry

Vegan Tropical Strawberry, like Vegan Chocolate, is much lighter than its “strawberry” counterpart but its much more grainy than any of the other flavors — and this gives a strange mouth feel when you’re drinking.

However, it wins because it’s light enough to customize with other “tropical” fruits such as mangoes or lychees.

And the Winner is…

Take your pick and find your favorite Shakeology flavor. But remember, you can always mix it up.