10 Diet Tips to Lose Weight and Keep it off

While there is no magic formula for weight loss, there are some things you can change in your diet to help you lose some pounds, safely and once and for all, while enhancing your health. Here are 10 healthy eating habits that can help you lose several pounds and reap the benefits—increased energy and a leaner, fitter, healthier you.

Have a healthy breakfast each morning

Eating breakfast shoots up your metabolism. Don’t skip breakfast as you’re likely to consume more calories by binge-eating later on. A study was done on people who’d slimmed down and maintained their weight for more than 5 years. It was found that the one big thing that they all had in common was eating breakfast. For breakfast, whole grain breads, whole grain cereals, cooked oatmeal, tofu with salad and eggs are all healthy options.

Always have some fruit and vegetables washed and kept in your fridge

This way, it will be easier to reach for them each time you feel hungry, rather than grabbing that large packet of potato chips. You can also put some in your bag as you go out. Better still, you can make some juice out of your veggies and drink whenever you’re hungry. If you don’t have a juicer but want to buy one, check http://www.juicercruiser.com/omega-j8006/ for further information.

Eat more nutritious foods instead of counting calories

A meal of sugar-free, fat-free, processed foods doesn’t have nutrients as well. In addition, it won’t keep you satisfied for long like a meal of nutrient-rich foods such as vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fat. When you start to eat more nutritious meals and get some more physical activity, your body will reach its healthy weight.

Cut back on carbs

Refined carbohydrates, such as candy, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, scones, muffins, fruit juice, chips, soda, and most store-bought bread you don’t burn off become fat. Even foods such as fruit yoghurt as well as many breakfast cereals contain plenty of added sugar. Eat Greek plain yoghurt instead of fruity yoghurt, choose lower carb, high-fiber cereal and include small helpings of healthy fat in your meals with olive oil, seeds, avocado slices and unsalted nuts.

Swap diet soda for unsweetened beverages

Diet drinks make you crave sweets. In addition, you feel good when you take them. Many people who take diet drinks actually add extra calories throughout the day. Instead, take carbonated or plain water, or iced teas with a piece of lime or lemon.

Keep tempting foods and snacks out of your home

Stock your pantry and fridge with healthy foods. This way, you’ll have an environment that’ll encourage healthy eating. You can always enjoy your treats once in a while when you’re out.

Shrink your plate sizes

If your family eats off larger plates, replace them with smaller plates. People usually eat what’s put in front of them. When you use smaller plates, there’ll be less food to eat.

Divide your plate into 4 areas for a healthy meal

Fill half of the plate with low or starch-free veggies like leafy greens, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, string beans, asparagus, cauliflower, peppers, broccoli, and some fruit. On one quarter, put some whole grain like barley, bulgur, quinoa, or brown rice, or starchy vegetables like potatoes or corn, or beans. On the remaining quarter, put some protein like turkey or chicken without skin, eggs, lean meat cuts, tofu, or roasted, broiled or baked fish (not dried).

Eat unhealthy foods occasionally

Eat less healthy options once in a while, in small quantities, unless your doctor forbids you from doing so. Completely denying yourself some of your favorite foods can make you frustrated and deprived and can subvert your healthy eating efforts.

Talk to yourself positively and ignore your inner critic

During the day, notice your good efforts and congratulate yourself. The more you do this for what you’re achieving, the more encouraged you will be to keep it up. If you find that you doubt yourself, or you’re regretting having had a couple of bowls of ice cream, please stop!

To beat your inner critic, get outside for a short walk, turn some music on and sway. And above all, think to yourself that tomorrow will be different. It’s a new day with the chance to start afresh.