Choosing the Perfect Family RV

Our family has been on one family vacation in the past seven years. This has been because of funds or transportation being not so reliable. We finally decided to purchase a recreational vehicle, or RV. My husband and I gave it thought as to what we would need in an RV. We made lists of what we would prefer and what we recommend the RV that we choose to buy would have. We knew that it had to be big enough for all of us and able to travel easily between locations.

The Must Haves to Our Family RV

There were plenty of things that we would have loved to have with our RV, but only a few that would be required. The RV that we were to purchase had to have at least six beds within it, and potentially eight. It must include a cooking area such as a small kitchen with a stove, oven, and refrigerator. Being that the family is large, a full sized kitchen would have been ideal, but with this a fully functional stove and fridge were enough.

The children had a say in how they wanted their beds to be, whether or not they wanted them to be separate and bunkbeds or built into the RV such as the table folding down or the couch coming out into a bed. Of course, they choose bunkbeds as that was their favorite type of bed. They were also the ones who chose an RV that had a fully functional bathroom, shower included. The master bed was tucked away in the back with a built in television and surround sound. Needless to say my husband was more intrigued with the fact he could hook up and play his new Xbox one than that having a surround system.

One of the best generators in 2016 came equipped in this RV. It had enough power to run throughout the night and into the next morning without needing a refill on gas. We thought it was a great idea being that we were mostly using the generator while we were cooking or sleeping. This would help us power all of our appliances and electronics while staying in the RV, so not only were mommy and daddy happy with this, but the kids were excited to know they would have some way to charge their DSI’s and other handheld game systems.

Using Our RV for the First Time

There were plenty of places that we could have chosen to take a vacation to, but we wanted the first vacation in years to be very special. We decided to take a vote throughout the family to see who wanted to go where, or what ideas the children had. Of course, Disney Land was out of the question, but our daughter shouted out, “The Beach.” After giving it a lot of thought, and budgeting a balance that would help us to vacation effectively with money to spare, we decided that was a perfect idea.

We mapped out our destination, without telling the kids which beach we were going to be driving to. We packed up the RV and got it ready to start our first vacation as a family, with an RV. She drove beautifully, even with an attached vehicle trailer and being loaded down with thousands of belongings that we could not live without, including my son’s two ton case of games.

Once we arrived at our intended destination, the children were so excited to see out of their windows. The waves were cracking on the sand gently while plenty of beach-goers played diligently in the smaller waves washing in. The beach was not the main attraction nor what the children were staring out their windows for. We had traveled a little further north than they had imagined we would. We were now sitting at the beach, but also at one of the largest beach water and theme parks that they had ever seen.

Family vacations are very, very important, but what is even more important is that they are spent with your family. It makes no sense to travel on vacation and then leave your family behind to go enjoy an activity alone. When planning for your family vacation, include things that everyone would like doing, including yourself. No one can complain if there’s something for everyone on the agenda.