Becoming Comfortable with Kitchen Appliances

Making sweets has been a tradition within my family, from my mom’s homemade pecan pies to my sister’s delicious dirt cake that’s not truly a cake. Between my sister and I there were six children and each child had to have a special birthday cake each year that pertained to something they loved. For the longest time we would mix up cakes by hand, using a spoon and a bowl. This was considered the old fashioned way and the way we grew up with our mother making sweets.

After a few years of living on my own, I purchased a handheld blender. It was great not having to manually mix each ingredient to create the batter by a metal spoon. Instead, I replaced that spoon with two twirling metal utensils. I still lost time in trying to wash the utensils thoroughly, but my arm was not hurting from mixing hundreds of times manually. I still dreamed over having something better that I could multitask with while using.

Receiving a Really Useful Present

Because my birthday was the first week of the year, I normally didn’t expect any presents or special events to happen for it. This past birthday my sister brought me a medium sized box, wrapped in “Happy Birthday” wrapping paper. I was grateful that she was celebrating my birthday, but I was worrying about what was in the box. When I opened the box, I found a pink table mixer. Excited to use it for the first time I took it out of the box and carried it over to the sink to give it a proper rinse before using.

I threw it back together without allowing the utensils and bowl to dry. I grabbed a box of cake mix out of the cabinet and began to put all the ingredients of a cake into the bowl. After putting down the mixing arm into the bowl and setting the speed I turned it on for the very first time. I did not expect much out of it, but it proved me very wrong. It worked wonderfully. It was definitely the best stand mixer my sister could have purchased, even down to the color. I have used it for so many cakes, cookies, and even mixing up sides for dinner.

Introducing Our Mother to the New Appliance

Our mother still liked to mix things by hand, but over time she had developed the dreaded arthritis. My sister and I decided that purchasing a stand mixer for my mother would be ideal since she was refusing to stop baking just because of a little arthritis. We purchased one that was neutral in color, not fancy or bright. She was not one to like a lot of odd colors like pink or neon green, so it was best to pick a color that went with her appliances.

She was excited to open her gift, but frowned once she noticed what it was. We had to take it out and help her use it for the very first time. She enjoyed using it raving that it was quicker and easier clean up. Once my mother got the hang of using the mixer, she complimented us on picking out a great addition to her kitchen. She now cooks more deserts and even uses it to prepare supper for our father. She uses it to mix up her famous barbeque sauces and other yummy sides.

Our family might have been a traditional style family but we believe in advancing with the times if it will allow us to save some arm power. As we all get older, we feel sore after baking for a party or special event. It becomes more of a hassle and pain issue than an enjoyable evening. With the mixers we are able to mix up everything without having to worry about using our hands at all. Cookies and cakes have never been yummier since we can fully mix everything without having to count to two or three hundred stirs. The price of a mixer is nothing compared to the benefits of having it ready sooner and providing the perfect mixture of any and all ingredients.