Employee Satisfaction Among Students in Part-Time Jobs

My workplace isn’t exactly the kind of establishment where you might find employee satisfaction everywhere you look. Most part-time jobs that college students take to make a little extra cash are usually the entry level positions that the local businesses in town need to fill. There’s no shortage of possible candidates, but many of these owners are also aware that they’re hiring kids who may not be entirely focused on the matter at hand when they’re on “company time”. They may have a big test coming up, dealing with poor grades, perhaps finances are an issue even with the gig they’re currently holding down, or better yet, they’d just rather be out partying. This lack of focus, in some cases it’s a just a simple lack of interest, is probably the most glaring example of under performance in the workplace.

The gaps in performance can prove to be difficult for business owners to navigate successfully, even when they’re able to identify poor performance and try to curtail it. In the instance of my workplace, there are definitely some issues that I’ve noticed which can translate to under performance on a number of levels. Order requests are filled improperly, there’s a lack of real interest, and general neglect of simple tasks that have been put off until “later”, yet never attended to during the course of a shift. Our manager seems to have taken a blind eye to this sort of behavior or just doesn’t know how to solve it. He should take some steps such as setting clearer goals for performance, monitor the progress of the employees and review their performance, even offer incentives or rewards for exceptional work. It doesn’t even need to be monetary, he can buy us pizza as a reward for doing well, maybe some other small reward to congratulate us on a job well done.

The paycheck certainly helps and that’s the reason why we work, but getting the employees more involved in the operation of the business would improve some of the attitudes and improve performance. This is unfortunate because the place where I work provides a valuable service, we do garage door repair. But I’ve noticed that sometimes, even on a job at a client’s home, some of my co-workers just aren’t engaged 110%. This doesn’t bode well for the company as consumers have become a lot more proactive in fixing and repairing things around the house themselves. The Internet offers them everything they need to install something like their own garage door opener. There are websites like YouTube to walk you through each step at a time or just click on Garage Automatics and you can read more on all the different models and features that are available when purchasing a new remote control operating system.

Employers need to get students better engaged in the success of the company and part-time students need to show more initiative and enthusiasm in their work.