No Power for Days!!

I am not the biggest fan of the fall or winter. I understand that it can be really cosy to snuggle up in comfortable clothes while it is cold and miserable outside, but I would much rather be sat on a beach, cocktail in hand, soaking up the sun.

Every year we suffer from bad storms and generally receive a huge amount of snow. Not only does this create chaos when trying to get around, it also has the potential to create power outages. Unplanned outages can be caused by many things. Traffic accidents, damage to power lines, and most commonly storms and high winds. All of these things can happen at any time of the year, but we generally suffer from them in the winter months.

The outages we suffer usually last for a few hours, and end up causing no real damage or problems but last fall we had an outage that ended up lasting for three days.

Three Day Outage 

We were told that the power should be reconnected within 3 hours. I thought that this was acceptable, but my main worry was all of the food I had in the refrigerator and freezer. I had been to the grocery store two days previously, and stocked my cupboards and, more importantly in this case, the freezer. I had spent hundreds of dollars. It wasn’t only the risk of losing all of the money, I am not one for food waste, in fact, I take pride in ensuring our house waste as little food as possible.

I realised that there was no need to worry, because the power company has informed of the three hour timescale. So I went to work for the day and forgot about the power outage.

On my return, I found that the house still had no power. This was not acceptable. I called the company again and they informed me that there had been an unforeseen problem, and it was going to take at least another day to fix the problems.

I checked on the food in the freezer, and it was still frozen. Apparently modern freezers have really good insulation for situations such as this. Although the food was still ok, it wouldn’t last for much longer.

How Could I Resolve this Situation?  

I was completely out of ideas, I called my husband and he said not to worry, that he would be home within an hour and that he will have a solution to the problem.

Right on time my husband returned. He had been to the hardware store and bought a portable generator. The model he bought was a number one seller and made by a company called PowerPro. He was told that it was one of the top rated portable generators available.

It is small in size and only weighs 36 pounds, so I was able to move it around the house with ease. The half-gallon tank runs for 5 hours (as long as you are only using for a couple of things)

It is a two stroke, 1000w generator so it is more than powerful enough to keep our kitchen appliances running. We also managed to get an electrician friend to wire our boiler so we could plug it in, so we had hot water too. 

No More Worries 

We ended up using the generator for three days. It worked perfectly, the only problem was ensuring the thing was filled with gas. The power was restored after almost three days, but because of our generator, none of the food was ruined.

We have since used the generator on camping trips and it is always there in case of future power outages. If you get regular experiences like me, it may be worth spending some money on one yourself.