A Buyers Guide to Ice Machines

Manufacturers are creating many different makes and models of ice machines. The one you decide on will depend on a many different factors. How much space do you have, what kind of ice, and how much you would like the machine to produce. Do you want an integrated appliance and how much you want to spend.

All machines will produce different types of ice. There are generally three types. These are cubed, flaked or nuggets.

Cubed ice is dense which can be formed in either half or whole. It melts slowly and best used in drinks. Flaked ice is more suitable for displaying food but could be used in beverages. Nuggets are small and easy to chew. This ice would be perfect for blended drinks or cocktails.

I have compiled some information to help you easily choose which configuration of ice machine would be best for you

Under Counter Ice Machines

Under counter ice machines are designed to combine an ice making facility, and a place to store the ice that the machine has produced.

They are designed to fit neatly under a counter or a work surface. These machines would best suit a small professional business. They are also perfect to have in the home.

Under counter ice machines produce a maximum of 350 pounds of ice per day. Although that figure is usually only met by the larger, more expensive models.

They are always connected directly to the water line, so you never have to worry about filling the machine. They are usually connected to the waste, enabling the excess water to drain away. A lot of models have a pump, sometimes external, to ensure the water is pumped away from the machine.

Countertop Ice Machines

Countertop ice machines are designed so people can help themselves when they need it. They are good for serving drinks at a party or function you are hosting. They usually incorporate a water dispensing tap too.

These machines have smaller storage units than under counter machines because they are designed to be portable. The fast production capabilities of this type of ice machine allow it to produce up to 400 pounds of ice a day.

When deciding on a certain model make sure you look at how the water is connected to the machine. Some people report problems with supplying the machine with water. This kind of problem can be easily avoided if you research each model properly. If you require more information on different makes and models you can go to our site. It is dedicated to the world of ice making machines and has plenty of unbiased reviews to help you make an informed decision when you come to buy your new ice machine.

Portable Ice Machines

Portable ice machines are the most popular on the market. This is because they are incredibly versatile and they can produce a large amount of ice in a relatively short time.

They produce ice that is cylindrical or bullet shaped, with a round hole in the middle and an opaque appearance.

Water is manually added to the machine and within 10 minutes the first batch of ice is produced. First, the water is pumped into a small tub with blunt stainless steel pegs immersed in the water like popsicle sticks. The pegs have heating and cooling elements inside that first freeze the water around them, creating the bullet shape with the peg hole in the middle. Once the water is frozen, the pegs then become warm and the tub rotates allowing the ice to slip off into the storage bin below.

Portable ice making machines are well insulated, but they do not have freezer like qualities, so you cannot store ice long term. However, instead of requiring the melted ice to be drained, the ice maker recycles the water to make more ice.

The average portable ice machine can produce around 30 lbs of ice a day and a proportion of that can be stored.

They are perfect for the average household and would be able to produce enough ice to cater for a party.


When choosing an ice machine, make sure to read plenty of reviews. There are so many makes and models, be sure you are picking one that would best suit your needs.

Always make yourself aware of the installation process and be sure you have the required room for the appliance, some machines can be a lot bigger than you would expect.